What you need to know before dating a spanish transgender !

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    What you need to know before dating a spanish transgender !

    Dating a transgender person is a wonderful way to find out if you’re compatible with them. You can meet people through dating website around Spain, but it’s important to be cautious about jumping into the dating pool. So before you get into the dating game, you should know a few things. You should familiarize yourself with the transgender community, identity, culture, and most importantly, sexual orientation. What do you need to know before dating a spanish transgender? Read on !

    She’s Not a Fetish

    Viewing a trans woman as some kind of fetish could be the single most devastating way to ruin the relationship before it has begun. This is usually a turn-off for most spanish transgender women. Some also find it uncomfortable to answer questions like, “how do you conceal your penis?”, “Do you have a vigina?”, “Does it look normal?”

    So what if she doesn’t have a penis? Or does not care about how her vigina looks? You would want to treat her as you would treat any other woman you’d come across.

    Don’t Give Her Backhanded Compliments

    When complimenting a trans woman, you have to mean it. This is primarily because most trans women see compliments as you telling them they’re not the real thing. So complementing her must be sincere and genuine and not just something that rolls off the tongue.

    Her Transition Has Nothing to do With Straight Men

    One intriguing aspect of trans women is that they are in most cases, lesbians or bisexuals. This negates the notion that they are mostly after straight men. Well, this could be attributed to the media’s ingenuity of information such as this. Most times, people have no clue what attributes to give to a trans woman because in most cases, there is little known about her.

    So it is important for you to decide whether you want to be with a spanish transgender or not depending on the sexual lifestyle she prefers.

    Dating A Trans Woman Will Not Change Your Sexuality

    Contrary to popular belief, dating a trans woman doesn’t change your sexuality or sexual orientation. This does not make you gay, nor does it make you bisexual. It is simply dating a woman, in this case, a trans woman. This is because you are attracted to her and not because of a shift in your sexual orientation and beliefs because the concept of sex a gender are parallel.

    Sex cannot be changed, it is static. Gender, on the other hand, depends on what the individuals think and feel about themselves.

    She’s Not a Secret

    Oftentimes, society’s ideology about transgender people keeps them from coming out or identifying as transgender. When they do identify as one, they do it boldly without fear or thoughts of society.

    Most times, someone dating a spanish transgender person might not want to show them off or tell people, “I’m dating a trans woman.” The trans woman wants to be shown off like you would show any prized possession and like you would also want to be shown off to family, friends, and so on.

    So, it is important for you to be open about the idea of dating a trans woman from Spain before deciding on it as it is also a big deal for her.

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